SKLZ Universal Massage Roller

R 449.00

Ergonomically designed to help relieve joint and muscle tension from head to toe, the SKLZ Universal Massage Roller is the perfect warm-up, cool-down, and recovery aid to help maintain a healthy body.



The unique shape and size allow athletes to target hard-to-reach muscles like the neck and the back, and the texture is designed to stimulate circulation and increase flexibility. Portable and easy to use, the Universal Massage Roller is perfect for rolling out at home, at the gym, and even on-the-go. The roller is water-resistant and easy to clean.




* Featuring an ergonomic design to help easily massage muscles and relieve tension from head-to-toe
Surface of roller features a distinct texture to help increase circulation while rolling
Unique shape and size allows for a targeted massage in hard-to-reach muscles like the neck and the back
Water-resistant and easy to clean
Travel-friendly design