SKLZ Pro Bands

R 249.00

SKLZ Pro Bands are an easy way for individuals to add resistance to their exercises and workouts. These lightweight training aids provide all the benefits of resistance – increased strength, flexibility, and stamina. Through drills, exercise bands can be used to help increase lateral speed and forward acceleration. They’re perfect for adding tension to common exercises like lunges and assisting pull-ups and dips. Built to withstand your most intense workouts and routines, the Pro Bands are available in 3 weights for varying degrees of dynamic tensions. Use them at home, at the gym, or even on-the-go, Pro Bands are the perfect training tool.

* SKLZ PRO BANDS: Universal resistance bands that do it all and last longer, Pro Bands offer you a proven way to increase both upper and lower body strength.
* MULTIPLE USES: Available in 3 sizes with vary degrees of dynamic resistance (Light, Medium, Heavy), SKLZ Pro Bands are great for all users of all ages and fitness levels.
* VERSATILE TRAINING: Add Pro Bands to your speed training by using resistance to increase lateral speed and acceleration. Great for lower bod development, lateral shuffles, and linear speed work.
* PREMIUM QUALITY: SKLZ Pro Bands are strong, durable, and portable exercise bands that add resistance to any exercises to build strength.