BM Carbon Wheels MTB 29"

R 28,499.00

- 2.5mm Asymmetric design, help to equalize the spoke tension between drive side and non-dirve side of wheels.
- Thick side wall design for better impact resistance.
- Radius support nipple bed design, distribute spoke pull force evenly around each spoke hole.
- Ultra smooth inner wall, for even wall thickness and strength.
- Tubeless Ready.
- With super light weight(Graphene) version optional.
T800 Impact resistant structure
Graphene prepreg helps to improve the strength of carbon rims up to about 20% (if weight unchanged), or reduce 15% weight (keep strength unchanged)

Prepreg type: Graphne prepreg
Width (MM): 14.900
Thickness (MM): 5.700
Max Force (N) : 451.695
Max Elasticity (MPa): 111.967
Elasticity Modulus (MPa): 2005.223

Prepreg type: Regular prepreg
Width (MM): 14.900
Thickness (MM): 5.700
Max Force (N) : 375.987
Max Elasticity (MPa): 93.201
Elasticity Modulus (MPa): 1760.127